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Why is it that no one wants to acknowledge what has always been true, and passed from generation to generation? Really! Have you not heard?

The United States is the Melting Pot of the world! “The Promised Land.”  The place where all nationalities migrated to from every country around the world and now consider themsleves natives living in cities large and small here in the US.

They show love for country, city or states by proudly displaying their names within big red hearts on t-shirts and caps in different languages. Its that part of our culture that bonds us together as a people.

We are the melted ones who happily floated around in a pot that churned milk and honey.

To celebrate those who melted together so elegantly, we offer the 2014 World Cultures Expo. It is an exposition designed to mobilize locals towards improving their national image on the world stage and lifestyles here at home.

The Expo teaches attendees the importance of building borderless relationships in the face of globalization that continues to recharge due to a changed economy and the rise of new technologies.
The locals never saw it coming after unknowly finding themselves once again part of the re-colonization of the United States Government and its local communities.

Those issues on the home front are going to be addressed with the unveiling of the World Cultures Expo., themed “Discover the World at Your Doorstep.”

The mission is all about the re-discovery of each others individual cultural differences, so we can once again melt together.

Truly there’s going to be a meeting of the minds that will inevitably increase the amount of milk and honey given to all who work hard during the new churn.

This Expo will prove to be a historic one for all involved.

Your venue is where it can all come together. With your help the stage can be set.

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